Gearbox solutions for the EV Industry

With the growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly transportation, the EV market has experienced significant growth in recent years. At Rj Link, we understand that with the exponential growth the EV industry has faced, new challenges are arising requiring complex solutions. That is why we are working on innovative and efficient gearbox solutions for the EV industry. To solve these challenges, our experienced engineers work closely with EV industry manufacturers to design and manufacture gearboxes that meet the specific requirements of each application, ensuring optimal performance, durability, and efficiency.

At Rj Link, our gearbox solutions for the EV market are specific to each of our client’s needs upon request. Regardless of industry, a gearbox solution can be designed for a range of products such as high-speed and low-speed gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, and torque converters. Ultimately, our gearboxes can be designed to meet the demanding requirements of the EV industry, including high torque capacity, low noise and vibration, and efficient power transfer.

Review the Case Study below to learn more about how we’ve applied our Gearbox Technology to the EV Industry

Case Study

2 Speed Transfer Case with Synchronized Shift between High and Low ranges

Customer: MEDATech Engineering Services LTD, Collingwood, ON Canada, Link

Project Overview

MEDATech contacted Rj Link International Inc to develop a compact 2 Speed Transfer Case Gearbox that would handle dual motor input to achieve 893 HP at 2000 to 3500 RPM. The Transfer Case required 2 speed ranges (high and low range ratio’s) of 2.4 to 1 Low, and 1.7 to 1 High. The gearbox also needed to be shifted between ranges.

The Transfer Case required a direct coupling to each electric motor to provide the smallest overall space requirement and best fit alignment (eliminating additional drive shaft and coupling connections). Working jointly with MEDATech’s advanced PLC team, Rj Link developed a 2 Speed Transfer Case Synchronized Shift system that interfaced directly to the controls system designed by MEDATech.

The result is the ALTDRIVE Battery-Electric Powertrain Solution with the heart of a Rj Link International Inc 2 Speed Transfer Case Gearbox.





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