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Gearbox oil tips

Rj Link Gearbox Oil Tips

Important oil tips covering the shift of gearboxes to customers ...
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Rj Link’s Redesigned Gearbox/Clutch Dredge Package

A customer came to Rj Link with a gearbox, brake clutch package used in a dredging application that needed repair or replacement. The Rj Link team went through and did a cost analysis to determine the extent of repair necessary ...
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Gearbox for off road vehicle

Gearbox for Off-Road Vehicle Application

Rj Link’s engineering team received an inquiry from a company out of South Africa that was having trouble finding a gearbox that could transmit power and torque in a dual output application. Although the customer had found alternatives that were ...
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Using a Speed Reducer as a Speed Increaser

Speed reducers are widely available in a multitude of ratios and power ratings.  Under some limited conditions, speed increasers can also be used as speed reducers.  Some types of reducers cannot be used as increasers.  Many worm gear reducers and ...
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Manufacturing Capabilities

Rj Link's manufacturing capabilities range from single piece prototype development to volume precision machining. We manufacture components and assemblies from a variety of raw materials including bar stock, plate stock, forgings and castings. We work with a variety of customer ...
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Custom Gearbox Solution for Dredging Application

A customer came to Rj Link needing a solution to an existing gearbox that would be more flexible, controllable, and robust to meet the vigorous requirements of their dredging application that was being used for river, pond, and coastal area projects. The lack ...
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Engineering support

Rj Link Engineering Support

Rj Link has assembled a team of talented engineers with a combined  75+  years of experience that are committed to utilizing creative and innovative solutions to complex problems in numerous power transmission markets throughout the world, including but not limited ...
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We Are Open!

Dear Rj Link International Inc Customer,  Like you, we have spent the last several weeks learning about the COVID‐19 (Coronavirus) and how it is  impacting the world. Rj Link takes this situation seriously and we have implemented internal measures  to protect our employee’s health during this unprecedented situation. With that stated we are also  taking action to ensure we continue to support you, our customer, with the same excellent customer  service and product quality you have come to expect.   At this time we are operating Rj Link International Inc as usual and will communicate if there are any  changes in our business status or situation.   The State of Illinois has issued a “shelter in place” order for all non‐essential businesses. Rj Link  International Inc is considered an “essential” business and we will remain open.     As the situation evolves we will continuously work to keep you up to date on our status to support your  business needs.     Sincerely,  Mike Moss  President and CEO  Rj Link International, Inc  ...
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Industrial PTO Gearbox

Industrial Gearbox with PTO Interface

Rj Link's G100 Series Gearbox  Basic configuration - Anti- Rotation Designed for 150 HP Input speeds - 1800 rpm Speed Increaser 1:1 to 1:3 or Speed Reducer at 1:1 to 3:1 Circulation lube pump Output shaft can be any number ...
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Rj Link Custom Speed Increasers

Rj Link Speed Increasers are manufactured in numerous sizes for a variety of products and markets. These custom built gearboxes are designed and built to accommodate high RPM specific components. All are designed with tapered roller bearings and helical gears ...
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