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Custom Gearboxes for Booster Pump Applications

Rj Link's D244 gearboxes have been heavily used in booster pump applications.  The advanced gearing technology in these types of gearboxes means that the design is able to handle fairly tough applications across multiple industries. Some Considerations: Built for a ...
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Custom Gearbox for Mining Application

A request came into Rj Link from a company that was upgrading their people moving cars for a mining application. The existing gearbox presented the following problems: Gearbox was unable to handle the rigorous requirements of carrying a certain amount of weight ...
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Custom Gearbox with Mounting Frame

Rj Link received a request from a customer wanting to mount a gearbox horizontally.  The mounting frame was needed to hold the gearbox in place.  Some might feel that designing a simple mounting bracket is not a core competency when ...
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Custom Gearbox

Unique Features of Custom Gearboxes

WHAT GOES INTO THE DESIGN PROCESS OF A CUSTOM GEARBOX? Some of the unique features that are reviewed in the Rj Link process: Advanced design methodology for custom gearboxes Improved surface finish with formed tooth grinding & dressable wheels Material ...
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Speed Reducer for Centrifugal Pump Application

Features:  Various input and output shaft configurations, tapered shaft & SAE bell housing with clutch, rubber block drive or flange connection. Typical Application:  Centrifugal Pump Specifications:  Ratio:  1.2:1 to 4.0:1 Max HP:  600 Input Speed (rpm):  1,800 Overall Size:  28 ...
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Compressor/Booster Pump Gearboxes

Rj Link Int. had many inquiries this past year from people in the well service market, with many of them involving the need to go into 1,000 ft. wells.   They are basically pumping nitrogen, water, or slurry into the well ...
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Custom is Our Niche!

Rj Link International - Your Go-To Solution for Custom Gearboxes & More! ...
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Shaping gear on a Fellow Gear Shaper

Output Gear on Shaper

Output gear on Rj Link's Bourn & Koch remanufactured Fellows Gear Shaper. Fanuc CNC control cutter head relieving 30-200 strokes per minutes. 36” dia, 6” max gear face, 3.5 DP Learn more :  Manufacturing Capabilities ...
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Quality Engineering Manager

Rj Link Helping to Promote Manufacturing to Students

One of the biggest challenges in the Manufacturing Industry is finding skilled and interested workers. The future of the industry is going to be heavily dependent on training people for the jobs that will keep companies competitive in the future ...
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Gearbox Gravity Lubricating Process

Rj Link gearboxes have a “Gravity Lubricating Process”, which means customers get a gearbox that runs smooth and has an extended life.  Once the Gear-housing is filled with the recommended oil, and the unit is operating:  The lowest gear dips into ...
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