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Retrofit Gearboxes with Improved Performance Characteristics

Rj Link Int. often sees requests come in for retrofit units from companies that are needing service components when designs are no longer available.  Some issues that might need to be addressed are leak and/or vibration issues, or there could be ...
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Custom Gearbox for Centrifugal & Reciprocating Pumps

Features:  SAE bell housing with clutch, lubrication pump and precision ground gears. Specifications: Ratio:  5:1 Max HP:  600 Input Speed (rpm):  1,800 Overall size:  31 x 38 x 33 ...
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Speed Reducer for Ski Slope Grooming Applications

Rj Link currently manufactures a gearbox that is being used in ski slope grooming machines, and other snow machines that require mountain top access for arctic rescue missions.  The specialty designed gearbox has multiple outputs and includes a reinforced aluminum ...
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Robust Gearbox for Test Stand Application

Rj Link's D333 gearbox was designed for a test stand application that tests crank shafts used in heavy-duty off-road specialty equipment.    The robust gearbox was designed to be mounted in a vertical position to account for space constraints with other existing ...
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Speed Increasing Gearbox for Tractor PTO Application

Rj Link received a request for a speed increasing gearbox that would connect to a tractor's 540 PTO.  The customer was wanting to drive an auxiliary hydraulic pump, and had contacted Rj Link after searching, and not coming up with ...
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Ground Gear

Rj Link Provides Ground Gearing Components

Based on continuous improvements to our product line of gearboxes, Rj Link Int. is proactive in reducing any noise and vibration issues. This is allowing us to achieve increased rpm and higher hp.  Our gearing ranges speeds up to 10,000 ...
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D244 Gearbox

Rj Link's D244 gearbox can be used as a speed decreaser or increaser. Rj Link's modular designs allow for various configurations, all depending on what you need for your applications.  ...
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Reversing Modular Gearbox

Specifications: Ratios in reduction or increase from 1.02:1 to 2.96:1 Anti-Engine Rotation 25” Center Distance Variety of PTO Input and Output Shaft Configurations Design Features: Cast aluminum housing Helical ground gears Tapered roller bearings Modular Mounting Rj Link International Inc ...
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Custom gearbox ideal for driving traction systems

Crossed Axis Pancake Style Gearbox

A customer came to Rj Link requesting a single input, dual output custom gearbox solution for a PTO hay baler application. The gearbox had specific requirements, and would need to be mounted in the unit on a 10-12 degree incline ...
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Pump Drive Speed Increaser

4 Pad Pump Drive Speed Increaser

Rj Link  received a request from a company that was in need of a hydraulic pump mount pad to drive four pumps off of the back of a main engine.  Rj Link 's Engineering team offered the D362X117001 4 pad pump ...
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