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Custom gearbox for booster pump

Rj Link Custom Gearboxes in Booster Pump Applications

These Rj Link gearboxes are being used in Booster Pump applications to increase or decrease speed, pressure, flow, etc. When using booster pumps, the idea is to build enough pressure in the system, and to get to a certain PSI ...
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Assembly of Dredge Gearbox

Assembly of a dredge gearbox used to lift anchors. Specifications:Ratio: 1:1Input Power: 500 HPInput Speed: 2100 RPMAnti-Engine RotationWeight 1740 lbs ...
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Gearbox Power Transmission Market

Rj Link Gearboxes Standing Out in Power Transmission Market

"A solution provider in the Global Power Transmission Market for design, manufacture & assembly of custom gearboxes."Rj Link International provides customers with complete solutions for innovative and flexible design approaches, including interfacing lube systems, heat exchangers & clutches into gearbox systems.  ...
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Finding a Custom Gearbox Provider

The most effective suppliers are those who offer services and products that match or exceed the needs of your business. Thinking strategically when selecting a supplier is extremely important. One of the first steps in finding a custom gearbox supplier is to ...
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Gearboxes Designed to Fit & Made to Order!

Rj Link International takes great pride in listening to the customer and producing what they want. A recent example of this is when a request came in from a company that was needing a speed increasing gearbox to drive a ...
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Rj Link Specialty Gearboxes

Rj Link Specialty Gearboxes are manufactured for specific applications in conjunction with customer specifications. Rj Link's expertise is a critical component to each application. It enables the customers to focus on core competencies and rely on Rj Link's engineering and manufacturing expertise. Duty cycles, life ...
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Gearboxes for Test Stands

Gearboxes for Test Stand Applications – Endurance Testing

Rj Link Int. has been working on several projects for test stand applications. When looking at these types of applications, there is usually a high torque and a high reliability requirement. Rotation tends to be one way, and on the ...
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Industrial PTO Gearbox

Industrial Gearbox with PTO Interface

Rj Link's G100 Series Gearbox  Basic configuration - Anti- Rotation Designed for 150 HP Input speeds - 1800 rpm Speed Increaser 1:1 to 1:3 or Speed Reducer at 1:1 to 3:1 Circulation lube pump Output shaft can be any number ...
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Prototype Development & Precision Machining Capabilities

Rj Link's manufacturing capabilities range from single piece prototype development to volume precision machining. We manufacture components and assemblies from a variety of raw materials including bar stock, plate stock, forgings and castings.  We work with a variety of customer ...
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Rj Link Gearbox Oil Tips

Important oil tips covering the shift of gearboxes to customers ...
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