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Designed to Fit Gearbox

Customer:  "I need dual input, 700 HP that can handle 3500 RPM Input, 2.2:1 reduction ratio. Can you make me a Transfer Case like that?" Rj Link:  "Yes, that is what we do!" An inquiry came into Rj Link from ...
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How to Talk to an Engineer

There’s English, and then there’s engineering. For most people in the U.S., UK, Canada, and the rest of the commonwealth nations, the former comes relatively easy, while the latter is an entirely different arena, requiring years of extensive training at ...
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Product Enhancement – D201 Gearbox

Rj Link Gearbox Product Enhancement Rj Link's new product enhancement of the D201 gearbox is an evolution from the D101 design.  The input and output shafts, including many of the other parameters, remain the same.  The enhancements that were made internally has made this gearbox a much more ...
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Custom Gearbox for Mining Application

A request came into Rj Link from a company that was upgrading their people moving cars for a mining application. The existing gearbox presented the following problems: Gearbox was unable to handle the rigorous requirements of carrying a certain amount of weight ...
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Transfer Case for Biomodal Railcar Mover

Sixteen years ago Trackmobile, a company whose reputation was built on reliability, high-quality parts, and service, was looking for a supplier to provide a transfer case for a biomodal railcar mover.  It was essential that the transfer case meet the ...
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Custom gearbox niche

Custom Niche & Diversification

Rj Link International’s custom niche, as well as diversification in numerous markets, has played a contributing factor in helping to keep orders moving throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional safety protocols were implemented to help protect all of our essential workers ...
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Versatile high speed gearbox

Versatile High-Speed Gearbox

Rj Link designed the D316 gearbox for a high-speed test stand application. This speed increaser will be driven by an electric motor, and was designed to sit vertically on a test stand with an input speed of 3600 RPM and ...
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Custom Gearbox Solutions for Numerous Markets

Incorporated in 1993, Rj Link International Inc. has assembled a team of talented engineers with a combined  75+  years of experience that are committed to utilizing creative and innovative solutions to complex problems in numerous power transmission markets throughout the ...
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Custom GearboxNeeds

Solving Custom Gearbox & Contract Machining Needs

Rj Link International continues to be the go-to solution provider for custom gearbox and contract machining needs for companies in numerous markets worldwide. For assistance, please call 815-874-8110 or email  ...
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Large Industrial Speed Reducer

 Rj Link's D244 Speed Reducer that has been used in the Oil & Gas industry, as well as many other industries. Learn More ...
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