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Custom Gearbox Solution for Dredging Application

A customer came to Rj Link needing a solution to an existing gearbox that would be more flexible, controllable, and robust to meet the vigorous requirements of their dredging application that was being used for river, pond, and coastal area projects. The lack ...
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High Speed Test Stand Gearbox

High Speed Gearbox for Test Stand

Do you have a test stand you need speed increasing on? Rj Link International Inc designs to fit.  We have several applications using a 3600 RPM Electric Motor and speed increasing to over 10,000 RPM. The D316 gearbox offers a ...
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Speed Increaser for Mobile Centrifugal Pump

Features: Aluminum case, extra width for additional input and output shaft configurations and positions, increased sump size for higher horsepower and cooling capacity. SAE bell housing with clutch, rubber block drive or flange connections, in line or parallel shaft design ...
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Demand for Heavy Duty Gearbox Designs

Rj Link receives numerous inquiries from companies that are looking for a rugged, heavy duty gearbox design with tight space requirements. Rj Link’s D290, D244 and D254 series of gearboxes, which are being used in a multitude of applications, have ...
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Gearbox Design for Unique Agricultural Application

Rj Link received a request from a customer that needed a gearbox solution to a unique agricultural spreader application. The customer wanted to switch over from belt and chain drives to a gear drive, and had many concerns with their existing ...
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Rj Link’s Vision Provides Customers With Quality Products

Our Mission:"A solution provider in the Global Power Transmission Market for design, manufacture & assembly of custom gearboxes”It takes vision to provide a quality product.  Our reputation is on the line with everything our customers deliver. That’s the assurance of ...
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Selecting a Custom Gearbox Supplier

The most effective suppliers are those who offer services and products that match or exceed the needs of your business. Thinking strategically when selecting a supplier is extremely important. One of the first steps in finding a custom gearbox supplier ...
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Custom Gearbox Solutions for Numerous Markets

Incorporated in 1993, Rj Link International Inc. has assembled a team of talented engineers with a combined  75+  years of experience that are committed to utilizing creative and innovative solutions to complex problems in numerous power transmission markets throughout the ...
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High speed airport snowblower

Rj Link Gearbox in High Speed Snow Blower

Rj Link played a key role in the collaboration success of this high speed snow blower, Snow Wolf SB-1050, built by Airport Technologies Inc.Designed to clear 7,500 tons per hour at 25 mph, casting 85 feet.Two engine machine that dedicates ...
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