• Rj Link Custom Gearboxes in Booster Pump Applications

    These Rj Link gearboxes are being used in Booster Pump applications to increase or decrease speed, pressure, flow, etc. When using booster pumps, the idea is to build enough pressure in the system, and to get to a certain PSI range to get the pump to actuate. These can be stationary or mobile units, and are usually part of a skid package that require speed increasers or speed reducers. The equipment is being used in pumping, transferring, or storage of oil, slurry, or multiphase, etc.


    Design Features:

    • Very rigid heavy duty casting with additional mounting tabs
    • Different bell housing configurations or adaptor plates available
    • Input and output shaft configurations to accept clutches from various manufacturers
    • Option for heavy spline, single or double key.
    • Large sump capacity to allow for extra lubrication & heat dissipation
    • Heat exchangers are standard with these gearboxes due to long run times required
    • Manual override option for clutch available
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