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No Load Spin Test

In a gearbox, making all the parts to print is not the final check. A simple no load spin test by hand can “feel” a flaw in the bearing set, alignment of the gears, gear teeth backlash, and so on. Rj ...
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Gearboxes for the Rail Market

Rj Link has been a preferred supplier for gearboxes in the rail market for switching, construction, maintenance and passenger applications.  Products supplied to this market range from custom designed to manufacturing of our customers' own designs. Learn more about Rj Link's ...
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Flexible Auxiliary Gearbox Drive for Dredging Application

A customer came to Rj Link Int. needing a solution to an existing gearbox that was more flexible, controllable, and robust to meet the vigorous requirements of their dredging application which was being used for river, pond, and coastal area ...
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Gearboxes for Snow Removal Market

Although many of Rj Link's products in large snow removal equipment are proprietary, our long history and continued engineering innovation have made us the supplier of choice for leaders in this market. SEE VIDEO ...
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Gearboxes for Agricultural Market

Rj Link gearboxes are ideally suited for the agricultural market. Some examples of these types of applications include: Grain Handling Feed Mixers Implements Self-Propelled Application Specific Vehicles Storage Products Orchard Lifts Orchard Sprayers Orchard Utility Vehicles Specialized Farm Equipment ...
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Gearboxes for Pumping Market

  Rj Link's robust designs are ideal for applications that require continuous duty or on-demand use.  We work direct with OEM's and distributors to accurately specify and match our gearboxes to the pump and application. Contact Rj Link International for more ...
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Transfer Case

D218 Transfer Case, Bus Application

TYPICAL APPLICATION: Bus FEATURES: Precision ground gears, aluminum housing with stringent noise and space requirements. SPECIFICATIONS:Ratio 1:1Max HP 200Input Speed 2,400Overall Size 32 x 16 x 10 ...
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Shaping gear on a Fellow Gear Shaper

Output Gear on Shaper

Output gear on Rj Link's Bourn & Koch Fellows Gear Shaper. Fanuc CNC control cutter head relieving 30-200 strokes per minutes. 36” dia, 6” max gear face, 3.5 DP Learn more : Manufacturing Capabilities ...
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Engineering is Missing Product Champions

When you look at engineered or manufactured solutions, it requires a certain type of expertise and versatility.   Knowledge is extremely important when coming up with a concept, and so is the ability to have the visual acuity to look at ...
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D190 Gearbox Driving Your Water Pump!

With all the various natural disasters that occur, there is a need now more than ever, for high end water pumping systems to assist in the recovery relief. Sometimes, those systems need more horse power and speed than the average ...
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