• Gearboxes for Test Stand Applications – Endurance Testing

    Gearboxes for Test Stands

    Test Stand Gearboxes

    Rj Link Int. has been working on several projects for test stand applications. When looking at these types of applications, there is usually a high torque and a high reliability requirement. Rotation tends to be one way, and on the opposite side another way.   Endurance testing for the life of the test parts is what’s involved with these types of projects.

    The Rj Link Gearboxes are tied to something that’s testing people’s safety. Anytime a human element, and a high liability factor is involved, the endurance limits are extremely critical. When is it going to break? How long will it last?

    Rj Link’s engineering team puts a very heavy design into these types of gearboxes. Some of the factors involved are additional safety, reliability and reverse bend, etc. These gearboxes have a design life with a minimal of 25,000 hours. The boxes are built in low volumes due to their extreme nature, and their complex design. The types of gearboxes used are generally planetary, transfer cases, or dual drives.  As more and more companies learn about Rj Link’s extremely talented and experienced engineering team, the demand continues to increase for projects involving Test Stand Applications, as well as others.

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