• Rj Link Specialty Gearboxes

    Specialty Gearbox

    Rj Link Specialty Gearboxes

    Rj Link Specialty Gearboxes are manufactured for specific applications in conjunction with customer specifications. Rj Link’s expertise is a critical component to each application. It enables the customers to focus on core competencies and rely on Rj Link’s engineering and manufacturing expertise. Duty cycles, life expectancy and end use are key factors in the design and manufacturing of Specialty Gearboxes.

    Features include:

    • Aluminum and Grey Iron and Ductile Iron Housings
    • Custom Fabrications
    • Gears CL8-CL12 (Application Dependent)
    • Various Input and Output Shaft Configurations
    • Ratio Ranges from 1.02:1 through 15:1
    • Variety of Applications
    • Typical HP Range 25 through 1050
    • Many Mounting Options
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