G Series Gearbox

G Series Gearbox


Ratios Available: 1:1 thru 4:1 speed reduction and 1:1 thru 1:4 speed increase

Rotational direction: Anti-engine (output shaft rotation opposite to input). Engine Rotation coming soon!

Nominal Input Capacity: For 2.96:1 ratio: 75 HP @ 2100 RPM; 60 HP @ 1800 RPM; 50 HP @ 1500 RPM; 40 HP @ 1200 RPM; 30 HP @ 900 RPM

Pick Torque: 420 lb-ft @ 1500 RPM

Input to Output Shaft Center Distance: 6.25”

Input Shaft Configuration: Straight keyed Ø1.750.

Optional: Splined (straight sided or involute), for mechanical, air clutch, and drive plate for flywheel up to SAE 11.5 size and bell housing up to SAE # 3. SAE flange 2 and 4 bolts mount up to code C with internal shaft spline to accept SAE code D splined shaft (13 teeth, 8/16 DP, 30° pressure angle).

Output Shaft Configuration: Straight keyed Ø1.750 Optional: splined (straight sided or involute) or custom.

Lubrication: Circulating cooled oil.

Oil Sump Capacity: 2 quarts.

Weight: 103 lb (shown) to 150 lb with clutch and bell housing.

Design Features: Cast aluminum, helical gears harden with ground teeth, taper roller bearings, modular mounting.

Options: Lube pump (shown), cooler, bell housing, clutches, drive plate, other couplings.

Size: 19.75″ H, 14.25″ L, 11.37″ W

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