• Compact Severe Duty Design Series

    Rj Link International’s engineering team recently designed the D316 series severe duty gearbox for a test stand application.  This gearbox will have quite a bit of torque going through it, will run for long hours, and will potentially have some side pull on it.  This box was designed with an additional lube system to extend the life of the equipment.  Due to the fact that the footprint and frame of the box is small in size, the lube pump and heat exchanger will be mounted to the box.



    • Compact design
    • Custom input & output
    • Minimal center distance
    • Rugged design with option of rugged heavy duty mounting & a lot of input and output twists
    • Precision, ground hardened gearing & balanced shafts for required accuracy


    This D316 gearbox is being used in a test stand for transmission applications.



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