• Gearboxes in Compression Boosters Exceeding Life of Engine

    Keystone Drill Services Inc, a company headquartered in Somerset, PA, has provided over 100 years of service and quality expertise to various worldwide drilling industries.    Having a large diversity in suppliers has put the company in a position to respond to any drill related problem with unprecedented efficiency.  Keystone’s reputation and experience has allowed the company to represent the best manufacturers of drilling products in the world.


    Keystone’s relationship with Rj Link Int. began at a time when there was an increased demand for high compression boosters.   Keystone reached out to Rj Link for a custom gearbox solution that would go into Gardner Denver Boosters that produced pressures of approximately 1400 psi and 5000 cfm.  Rj Link’s engineering team proposed the D244 gearbox, with Keystone’s first purchase being made back in 2002.  Since then, the relationship between the two companies has grown with Keystone utilizing over 150 gearboxes that have been used in many other Gardner Denver Boosters replacing competitive brand gearboxes.   


     “We have gearboxes out in the field that have 20,000 hours on them, and have the life of the engine and beyond” stated Scott Slater, CEO of Keystone Drill Services, Inc.  “We have continued our relationship with Rj Link because of their support, quality, and the fact that we feel they have a superior product for what’s on the market”.   “As we are trying to determine the future needs of the drilling industry for high pressure air boosters, whether it be natural gas, electric or diesel driven, we will be using an Rj Link gearbox.”


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