• Rj Link Custom Speed Increasers

    Custom speed increaser

    Custom Speed Increasers

    Rj Link Speed Increasers are manufactured in numerous sizes for a variety of products and markets. These custom built gearboxes are designed and built to accommodate high RPM specific components. All are designed with tapered roller bearings and helical gears. Many incorporate customer specific shafts and connections.

    Standard features include:

    • Aluminum & Ductile Iron Housings
    • Gears CL8-CL12 (Application Dependent)
    • Auxiliary Lubrication Pumps & Heat Exchangers
    • Various Input & Output Shaft Configurations
    • Ratio Ranges from 1:1.02 through 4.5:1
    • Numerous Applications
    • Mounting Options (Direct Mount, Remote Mount,  Engine Mount)



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