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    Airport snow removal equipment

    Airport Snow Removal Equipment

    In 1994 Rj Link International sold a gearbox that went into a large front end mounted snowblower.  24 years later that snowblower is being used at the Red Dog Mine in Northern Alaska operated by Teck Alaska Inc.  The snowblower is used to maintain over 50 miles of road from the mining operation to the sea port. 


    Personnel at Red Dog Mine recently contacted Rj Link about the gearbox when the housing became cracked around the oil fill port.  The Rj Link team understood the importance of working with the personnel at Red Dog Mine to get this unit back up and running as quickly as possible.  Full service part prints were emailed to the maintenance technicians at the site and a repair plan was developed.  Rj Link’s team is very appreciative of Teck Alaska’s business, and will continue to be there to support them throughout the life of the Rj Link gearbox.


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    Red Dog Mine Alaska

    Red Dog Mine, Alaska

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