• Gearbox Lubricant Considersations

    Gearbox Lubricant Considerations

    Gearbox Lubricant Considerations

    Rj Link follows AGMA standards as a fundamental basis for recommending lubricant for gearboxes. Based on the experience of Rj Link’s engineering team, slight deviations might be made.  Prior to making a recommendation, the team will look to see if the oil has a good enough viscosity against contaminates, and will also confirm if the oil can handle the severity of the duty cycle for the application.  Data taken from our gear programs, as well as our design software is also taken into consideration.


    Other Considerations:

    • Type of gearing
    • Heat zones
    • Boundaries from low end to high end
    • Service factor
    • Application
    • Speed
    • Temperature extremes




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