• Gearboxes for Orchard Sprayer Application

    Speed Increaser Gearboxes in Aseembly

    Speed Increasers for Orchard Sprayers

    These Rj Link D101 gearboxes are in the final assembly stage, and will be shipping out to the customer soon.  The gearboxes are being used as speed increasers in an Orchard Sprayer application.


    Features below:

    • HP range up to 240 HP and operates up to 1000 RPM
    • 319 cast aluminum housing
    • Offer variety of input & output shaft configurations, including spline, taper and keyway
    • Auxiliary hydraulic pump input or output
    • Anti-engine rotation


    • Ratios:  1:1.19 through 1:4.5
    • Rotation:  Anti-Engine
    • Max Horsepower:  125 HP
    • Center Distance:  6.0″
    • Overall Size:  16.5″ H x 12.4″ W x 5.5″ DP
    • Weight:  60 lbs approx.

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