• Happy Holidays from Rj Link International!

    Happy Holidays Rj Link

    As we are closing in on the end of another year, all of us at Rj Link International would like to wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday!  During the past two years, investments made by ownership to enhance the Rj Link team has helped the company to expand and pursue many new opportunities in new markets.  Below are some of the enhancements that were made:


    Engineering Team Enhancements

    • Combined 75+ years experience in the Power Transmission Market
    • Mike Moss  – President/COO – 25+ years business development & manufacturing experience
    • John Oller – Quality Manager – 25+ years product engineering, quality & manufacturing experience
    • Mike Mihajlovic – Senior Project Engineer – 30+ years designing, drafting & project management
    • Eric Olson – Sales/Application Manager – 23+ years analysis, design, R & D, & vendor relations experience
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    Website Enhancements

    • 2016 new website launched
    • 2017 downloadable Step & PDF files added
    • Continued focus on a more user friendly website


    Customer Service

    • Enhanced sales team
    • Immediate response to emails and/or phone calls



    • Increased application stories & newsletters
    • Increased exposure globally as a recognized supplier


    As Rj Link’s exposure into markets globally as a custom gearbox solution provider continues to grow, the team is excited at the prospect of an even stronger year in 2018.





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