• Demand for Heavy Duty Gearbox Designs

    Heavy duty gearbox

    Rj Link Heavy Duty Gearbox

    Rj Link receives numerous inquiries from companies that are looking for a rugged, heavy duty gearbox design with tight space requirements. Rj Link’s D290, D244 and D254 series of gearboxes, which are being used in a multitude of applications, have been a great fit for these types of inquiries.


    What makes this series of gearboxes a big hit?

    • Heavy Duty Gearbox design – weight 1280 lbs.
    • Able to accommodate multiple housing & drive plate applications
    • SAE 1, 2 & 3 Bell Housings fit well allowing for protection of clutch to enable rugged mounting
    • Various shaft versions available – tapered, straight, keyed, splined, etc.
    • Input power 600-800 HP
    • Input speeds generally range from 1800 up to 2600 rpm.
    • Speed reduction generally falls between 3:2 to 1:1


    The high demand for a heavy duty gearbox that can transmit a lot of torque while fitting into a tight space constraint is keeping this series of gearboxes at the top of the wish list for many companies.

    Typical applications:

    • Compressor
    • Booster pumps
    • Transfer pumps
    • Mud pumps
    • Mining applications
    • Construction applications
    • Industrial applications




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