• Rj Link Supporting RVC/NIU Engineering Internship Program

    Engineering Internship Program

    NIU/RVC Engineering Student Mitchell McMahon

    Rj Link is playing a key role in helping to support Northern Illinois University’s top-ranked engineering program that has been brought to Rockford.   NIU Engineering @ RVC allows local students to earn a bachelor’s degree in engineering and technology without leaving the RVC campus.  Rj Link is a corporate sponsor that has set up an internship program that offers real-world experience that is so important for a student’s success.


    Rj Link’s summer intern, Mitchell McMahon, recently received an Associates of Engineering Science degree at Rock Valley College.  He has started to work on his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering through the NIU@RVC Engineering Program.   The program allows Mitchell to earn the degree he wants while working in the local community.  Mitchell stated, “RVC has a great staff and professors, and has the most up to date equipment that I will use in my field.”  He further stated, “The internship at Rj Link will help me to learn the skills that are needed in my field from design, manufacturing, quality control and so much more.  There is a wealth of knowledge that I am gaining from my coworkers at Rj Link, and the equipment that I will be using, which will help me through my engineering career.  Rj Link also works around my school schedule so I can get the experience I need while balancing school.”


    Rj Link is one of many Rockford area companies that have put their support behind this innovative program to help build Rockford’s workforce with future engineers.

    Engineering intern



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