• Custom Gearbox Solutions for Retrofitting Equipment

    Retrofitting versus new equipment

     Retrofitting Equipment


    Replacing older equipment can involve a high dollar investment, and that investment has been driving companies to look at retrofit options versus buying new. Rj Link Int. has been seeing increased activity in requests for custom gearbox solutions to retrofit existing equipment.   Customers are comparing the cost of purchasing new equipment versus a more inexpensive solution to their existing equipment. Many of the recent requests that Rj Link has been receiving have been for PTO applications, some of which consist of hay balers, bagging, augers, spreaders and mixer applications.


    The more cost effective solution that customers are looking for often requires a unique design. Rj Link’s engineering team recently worked with a customer that was in need of a high power takeoff speed increaser with a single input and dual output. The dual output was needed to drive the wheels of a tractor, and the customer needed the power to be transmitted to the equipment with the least amount of headache or maintenance. Another request came in for a custom gearbox solution that would have two options using two different ratio situations with certain input speed requirements, in addition to a requirement to slow down the output speed. In both of these applications, Rj Link’s engineering team worked with the geometry and internal tooth combinations and offered solutions that met the customer’s needs.


    The interest in cost saving options for improving existing equipment versus buying new is growing. Rj Link’s ability to design and manufacture a custom gearbox solution to meet a customer’s desired requirements and envelope size is becoming a preferred choice for many companies.


    Orchard sprayer

    Orchard Sprayer

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