• Talent Wins Games & Teamwork Wins Championships


    March Madness is upon us, and millions of people will be spending time filling out brackets weighing the odds on which teams will most likely move forward to the National Championship game. In 2016, the American Gaming Association estimated that a total number of brackets to be completed that year would surpass the number of votes cast for any single presidential candidate. According to Bleacher Report, 70 million brackets will be filled out to a total of $10.4 billion in overall bets for March Madness 2017.


    Filling out brackets may take several minutes for some, and for others it can be very cumbersome. The win-loss records are being considered, as well as seeding for each team. People have agonized over which team to pick as a Cinderella team in hopes of avoiding having their brackets destroyed as a result of the unlikely winner moving forward in the tournament. Other considerations:

    • Which teams are peaking at tournament time?
    • What are each team’s strength’s?
    • What are each team’s weaknesses?
    • Which teams are the most consistent?
    • Which teams have the most chemistry & work together the best?
    • Which teams respond to adversity the best?
    • Which teams have the best leadership as players & coaches?
    • Which team can you depend on the most to be on the winning side?


    When you’re looking at the pool of teams and weighing all the odds to pick which ones will have the best chance of success, it’s very similar to picking a quality supplier. Price, quality and service will always be important considerations. You want a supplier that you can view as a partner, one you can count on to help make your team better.  Rj Link’s engineering team is one of the most talented, experienced group of individuals that you will find anywhere in the Power Transmission Market. The entire Rj Link team is committed to working together, utilizing the strengths of each team member while holding themselves mutually accountable to provide the best possible service and products that will exceed their customer’s expectations. As in sports where talent wins games and teamwork wins championships, Rj Link’s talent and ability to partner with companies to work as a team is a “win – win” for all involved.


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