• Talent Wins Games & Teamwork Wins Championships

    March Madness is upon us, and millions of people will be spending time filling out brackets and weighing the odds on which teams will move forward to the National Championship game. While looking at the pool of teams to see which ones have the best chance of success, the process is very similar to picking a quality supplier.


    As price, quality and service are always important considerations in picking a supplier, you also want one that you can view as a partner and one you can count on to help make your team better.   Rj Link’s team of talented engineers has a combined  75+  years of experience in the Power Transmission Market.  The team is committed to working together, utilizing the strengths of each team member to provide the best possible service and products that will exceed their customer’s expectations.  As in sports where talent wins games and teamwork wins championships, Rj Link’s talent and ability to partner with companies to work as a team has proven to be a win-win situation for all parties involved.



    Engineering Support:

    • Custom Gearbox Design & Build Services
    • Gearbox Repair and Remanufacturing
    • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
    • Prototyping & Validation Services
    • Gear Sizing Software and Analysis
    • Fixture and Tooling Design
    • Process Design
    • PPAP’s (Preproduction Approval Process)
    • Program Management
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Technical Documentation Support
    • Inspection – Coordinate Measurement Machine (27in. x 40 in. x 24in.)
    • Inspection – CNC Gear Inspection (Dia. 11.5in. x length 23.5in.)
    • Gearbox Application Evaluation Data Sheet


    Gearbox Expertise:

    • Design and manufacture all types of gearbox assemblies; Speed Increasers, Speed Reducers, Transfer Cases, Right Angle and Planetary Gearboxes
    • Provide expertise in the remanufacturing and overhaul of gearboxes
    • Alliances with local manufacturers having gearing experience allows us to offer our customers major OEM experience with small company responsiveness


    CAD Platforms:

    • Solidworks
    • CREO


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