• Rj Link Geared for Success with Trackmobile

    Custom gearbox in biomodal railcar mover

    Bimodal Railcar Mover

    Trackmobile, a Georgia-based Marmon Group / Berkshire Hathaway Company, is the founding innovator and leading manufacturer of the bimodal railcar mover with over 11,000 sold globally.  Their singular purpose is to provide the most reliable railcar switching and movement equipment that is safe and effortless to operate. While highly customizable for unique customer applications, Trackmobile railcar movers provide the best value and the lowest operational lifetime cost in the industry.


    Trackmobile’s reputation is built on reliability, high-quality parts, and service. Rj Link has been an integral part of the quality and durability of Trackmobile’s equipment. After Trackmobile developed their current line of products, Rj Link designed a new gearbox for their new models.   Representatives from Trackmobile’s Service Department stated that they have been installing the gearboxes on their equipment since October 2010, and their distributors and customers are very pleased with Trackmobile’s equipment and the performance provided by the Rj Link gearboxes.


    When speaking with Trackmobile’s Engineering Department, the Engineering Manager, Bob Evans stated that “Rj Link has been an excellent supplier for Trackmobile”. Evans continued by stating that, “Their engineering team is very responsive and quick to resolve any issues or concerns if and when they arise.” When Trackmobile had a special request for a bid, the Rj Link engineering team jumped through hoops to design a transfer case for them. The willingness of the Rj Link engineering group to partner with Trackmobile engineering teams provided a positive and lasting impression with Trackmobile.


    Trackmobile has come to count on Rj Link as a reliable and trustworthy partner, as part of their high-quality product offerings. In response to Trackmobile’s loyalty, Rj Link’s team is committed to providing best-in-class engineering and customer support for years to come.


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