• Two-Speed Designs – DO NOT PUBLISH

    In this application, Rj Link Int. designed a set of four-helical gears that have been integrated with the axle gears to offer the customer an option of two overall distinct ratios.  A sliding clutch to engage/disengage the gear train is used to provide regular & overdrive condition(s).  Regardless of the selection, this is a direct product of the axle & helical gearing.


    As in many of the Rj Link Gearbox designs, the goal is to handle the horsepower, and gain increased output torque capacities. We demonstrate this by offering a variety of axle & helical ratios with the capacity limits that meet or exceed many of the engine limits that are used in the Transportation industry. Typical ratios fall between 2.5:1 – 5.0:1.


    This gearbox assembly is ideal for Marine, Recreation, and vehicles that are used for towing.


    Below are some of the markets for these types of arrangements:

    • Agriculture
    • Marine
    • Construction/Mining
    • Military
    • Off-Road & Specialty Vehicles
    • Transportation
    • Other Two-Speed Type Applications


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