• Versatile High Speed Gearbox


    Rj Link recently designed the D316 gearbox for a high speed test stand application. This speed increaser will be driven by an electric motor, and was designed to sit vertically on a test stand with an input speed of 3600 RPM and an output speed of 7200 RPM.


    Considerations for Rj Link’s Design Team:

    • Excessive Heat generation
    • Excessive Vibration/Pulsation
    • Excessive Wear – If misalignment issue, it will come apart faster
    • Loading Requirements – No load, Zero load, Partial or Full Load?


    After the analysis, Rj Link’s engineering team designed a “no load” gearbox with components that are ground and hardened to handle the high speed. The gearbox has an integral lube system due to the high speed. This is a spray mist system that is available with a heat exchanger or cooler option. This very versatile light duty gearbox was designed for applications with tight package constraints, and would be ideal for automotive, industrial, or any other high speed machinery applications.

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