• Rj Link & WPT Strategic Alliance Benefiting Customers

    Rj Link partnering with WPT Power

    Rj Link & WPT Power Corporation

    As manufacturing continues to surge in the U.S., Rj Link has been strengthening relationships with suppliers, and finding opportunities to partner with companies to help streamline the development process.  


    A company that has played a major role in helping Rj Link to offer more complete packages to the end user is WPT Power Corporation.   Incorporated in 1992, WPT has built an International reputation for excellence in the Power Transmission Industry. Clutches, brakes, power take-off’s, hydraulic pump drives and winches compose the core of WPT’s product lines.   As a result of the changing dynamics of the energy market in the last several years, WPT has been putting more emphasis on expanding their product offerings and efforts into new markets. This new emphasis has WPT seeing more questions and applications for Rj Link type assemblies in markets such as the ones below:

    • Biomass (chippers)
    • Manure management
    • Agriculture equipment blowers
    • Marine fuel barges
    • Snow removal equipment


    Tracy Combs, WPT’s Product Sales Manager, stated, “Rj Link is always on the mind of our sales staff as we contact new and existing customers, whether it’s OEM type customers or distribution. I carry the Rj Link product listing with my WPT sales brochures, as I am often asked for a direct gearbox application with our PTO, or at least a reference.” Tracy further stated, “I have a great deal of confidence in referring customers to Rj Link, and it’s apparent that both of our companies appear to be working with similar size OEM type accounts.”


    A recent success story is when a company out of Europe reached out to WPT after finding out that their gearbox supplier was going out of business. The product line needed to be continued; therefore, a new source was needed to provide a gearbox that would fit the application’s footprint. Reverse engineering was a challenge due to the limited amount of information and parts to work from. WPT provided a drawing and dimensions to their clutch, and from there Rj Link’s engineering team was able to create a drawing to fit the required footprint. Rj Link’s Application/Sales Manager, Eric Olson, stated, “It has been great working with WPT, and our customers have benefited from this relationship. It makes things a lot easier for the customer when they can buy everything on the gearbox end, including the clutch and bell housing.” Tracy Combs further stated, “The partnership has been symbiotic, and we see nothing but good things for the future.”


    Rj Link & WPT are filling a niche with similar companies, working together to offer customers a complete package that is proving to be a win-win situation for both companies as well as the end user.




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