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    Rj Link receives many requests for speed increasers and reducers for agricultural PTO applications. A recent request consisted of a customer wanting to run a pump off a tractor, while driving a generator off the back side of a gearbox.



    • Space constraints
    • Ratio desired: 1:2
    • Tractor needed to maintain same speed


    In this application the pump requires approximately 1200-1400 rpm to be effective at pumping the required gallons per minute of fluid.  Since the tractor only turns at a low number, it’s important to not increase the speed of the motor to avoid using more fuel to keep it going. The speed of the pump needs to be increased to get it to flow efficiently and pump an adequate gallons of liquid per minute.


    Rj Link’s solution to the customer was a more robust gearbox in the D201 model. The heavy duty bearings, increased shaft diameters, ability to handle increased torque, and capabilities of and powering up to 200 HP made this gearbox an ideal solution for the customer.

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