• Crossed Axis Pancake Style Gearbox

    A customer came to Rj Link requesting a single input, dual output custom gearbox solution for a PTO hay baler application. The gearbox had specific requirements, and would need to be mounted in the unit on a 10-12 degree incline.



    • Certain package size
    • Certain configuration
    • Certain type of housing
    • Weight requirement


    Solution:  Rj Link’s engineering team designed the D289 crossed axis pancake style gearbox to fit the customer’s requirements.  This gearbox is ideal for driving traction systems which are needed in many agricultural applications .


    Features:  Combination of right angle and parallel gearing.



    Input Capacity:  Power – 150 HP  &  Rotational speed – 1000 RPM

    Ratio:  14.35:1

    Rotation:  Engine

    Lubrication Type:  Circulating oil

    Lube Capacity:  10 quarts

    Surface Finish: Per customer requirements

    Approximate Weight:  660 lbs. without oil



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