• Agricultural PTO Gearboxes

    PTO gearbox being used for manure pumping

    Manure sprayer

    Spring and Fall are one of the busiest times of the year for companies and individuals that provide custom manure pumping services.  There used to be a 6-7 week window in the spring, and 2 1/2 months in the fall to travel around and apply manure. Due to weather conditions the last two years, those windows have shrunk to 3-4 weeks in the spring and 1 1/2 months in the fall, with the same amount of work to be done in that time frame.


    During the winter months many projects are started to repair machinery and/or build new equipment.  Rj Link has worked with customers to provide a PTO gearbox to drive their manure pumps and other types of agricultural equipment.  Below are some of the PTO gearbox solutions that are being offered:



    Rj Link International will design and build to fit. Any configuration listed here can be modified to fit the application.

    See options below:

    • SAE bell housings for direct engine mount*
    • Straight shafts with keys
    • PTO Type 1 (540 PTO) Ø1 3/8” 6 T Spline 
    • PTO Type 2 (small 1000 PTO) Ø1 3/8” 21T Spline
    • PTO Type 3 (large 1000 PTO) Ø1 3/4” 20T Spline
    • Output / Input can be Hydraulic Pump Pad interface: 2 and 4 bolt mount configurations
    • Manual and Pneumatic Clutches available *
    • Lubrication is dependent upon duty cycle and load. Determined at time of order and application review**

    * Units requiring these options are built to order and will have full market lead time associated with them

    ** Lubricant temperature should not exceed 225°F and the external casing temperature of the gearbox should not exceed 220°F

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