• Gearbox in Test Stand for Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

    Test stand gearbox

    Test Stand Gearbox

    Rj Link’s engineering team designed a gearbox to be used in a heavy-duty foot mounted test stand. The test stand will be used for industrial type transmission testing on ground support equipment for aircraft fueling.


    The customer needed to do endurance testing to determine the sheer breakage of the drivelines. The base plate needed everything to fit in close proximity, so a small footprint with certain space constraints was needed.


    Rj Link’s Solution:

    • Small compact gearbox design
    • Robust heavy duty gearing in this footprint
    • Internal braking features to add ample torque to the system to do accelerated life testing
    • 150 HP
    • In excess of 1,000 ft. lbs. of torque
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