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    Rj Link International Capability Statement

    Rj Link International is a solution provider in the Global Power Transmission Market for design, manufacture and assembly of custom gearboxes that range from 25 to 1,250 HP and up to 10,000 rpm. Products range from Speed Reducers to Speed Increasers, and Transfer Cases. Custom Designs for a wide variety of OEM’s and distributors are a valued part of our business. Our niche is low to mid volume, gearbox rebuilds, and prototypes. In addition, we offer a comprehensive mix of precision machining and gear making capabilities up to AGMA class 5 per the new AGMA 2015 inspection standard. This was previously considered AGMA class 12 per the old AGMA 2000-A88 standard.  


    Industries served:  Agriculture, Military & Defense, Industrial, Mining & Construction, Oil & Gas, Pumping, Rail, Snow Removal & Transportation.


    Gearbox Technology

    Gearbox Technology


    Specialty Machining:

    Gears and shafts

    Gears & Shafts

    Our manufacturing capabilities range from single piece prototype development to low volume precision machining. We manufacture components and assemblies from a variety of raw materials including bar stock, plate stock, forgings and castings. We work with a variety of customer-supplied materials including proprietary castings, specialty tubing and unique forgings.


    In house manufacturing & inspection capabilities


    In-house Manufacturing & Inspection Capabilities:

    • Vertical CNC Machining Centers: Max. 59”L, 31.5”W, 23”H
    • Horizontal CNC Machining Center: 25” cube size
    • CNC Turning: Max. 24” dia., max. 40” length
    • Broaching: 50 ton & 5 ton, stock spline & keyway broaches
    • Hobbing: 25” dia., 2.5 DP, stock SAE & metric hobs
    • CNC Crown Hobbing: 16” dia., 4 DP
    • Shaping: 36” dia., 6” max. gear face, 3.5 DP
    • Gear Shaving: 1” thru 12.75” dia., 4 thru 16 DP, Crown Shaving
    • Tooth Pointing/Tooth Rounding: Up to 14” diameter
    • Hofler Gear Grinding: AGMA 12+; up to 15.74″ diameter


    Inspection Capabilities:

    • Coordinate Measuring Machine: X-Axis 27”, Y-Axis 40”, Z-Axis 24”
    • A Klingelberg CNC Gear Inspection: Dia. 11.5”, length 23.5”, 550 lbs. load
    • 14” Optical Comparator
    • Micrometers: Up to 30”O.D., 36”I.D.



    ISO 9001:2015 Certified   SAM Registered ITAR Compliant   JCP Registered  


    DUNS: 825369689



    • 333612 Speed Changer, Industrial High-Speed Drive, and Gear Manufacturing
    • 333613 Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing
    • 332710 Machine Shops
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