• Gearbox Solution for Agricultural Off-Road Forklift

    Gearbox AG Off-Road Forklift

    Gearbox AG Off-Road Forklift

    Rj Link received a request from a company that was having noise issues with gearboxes that were being used in an agricultural off-road forklift application.   The small shop did the best they could to check the gearboxes prior to sending them out to the field.  When testing out the gearboxes on the forklifts, some would run nice and quiet while others made a whining chatter noise.  One of the more primitive methods that was being used to catch some of the noise issues was to run the gearbox with a drill motor.  Even when gearboxes passed the initial testing phase, many ended up failing once they made it out into the field. 


    Business had been growing leaps and bounds, and the company was on track for another record year of sales.  There were 1300+ machines in the field that would be in need of service work, and sending someone out for repairs was not a viable option due to time and lack of resources.  When a gearbox failed, the best solution at that time was to just swap it out for another one.  The company was also in the process of designing a machine to get into a tier 4 diesel engine, and manpower for R&D was limited as well.    The machine was going to have to change, and a whole new design would be their only option if the gearbox issue was not resolved.


    Rj Link was asked to tear down one of the gearboxes to see what made it tick, and to off come up with some ideas to resolve the noise issue.  Further conversations revealed gear oil that was getting pumped into the rear end was not getting back to the gearbox, which resulted in seals getting blown out of the rear axle. After evaluation, Rj Link’s engineering team offered a drop-in replacement gearbox which eliminated all of the issues.  The solution made for an extremely happy customer, as there have been no reports of failures since the transition over to the drop-in replacement gearboxes.


    Gearbox Reducer Specifications:

    Input Torque Capacity: 140 ft lb.

    Input Speed:  3900 RPM Max

    Ratio: 5.22:1

    Rotation: Engine

    Approximate Weight: 49 lbs w/o oil

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