• Speed Increasing Gearboxes in High Demand

    Gearboxes in Assembly

    Speed Increasers

    Rj Link has been seeing an increase in requests from companies needing speed increasing gearboxes.  A recent project consisted of designing a gearbox for a new PTO driven manure pump application.  Another recent project consisted of designing a gearbox for a new customer who was retrofitting auxiliary hydraulic pump systems that were being used at a work site.  Rj Link’s Engineering team designed both of the gearboxes using a standard D190 casting.  This resulted in a savings to both customers, as there were no tooling costs being passed on from the castings.  The gearboxes are currently being assembled and will be shipping out today.


    Comparison of Gearbox Specifications:

    Speed Increasing Gearbox Speed Increasing Gearbox
    Input Power:  400 HP Input Power:  100 HP
    Input Speed:  1,000 rpm Input Speed:  540 rpm
    Output Speed:  2,150 rpm Output Speed:  1,836 rpm
    Input Shaft:  1-3/4″ OD 20 Tooth Spline Input Shaft:  1-3/8″ – 6 Tooth PTO Type 1 Spline
    Output Shaft:  2.5 OD with Straight Keyway Output:  SAE B Flange Pump Connection, with Internal 7/8″ – 13 Tooth ID Spline Receiver




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