• Retrofit Gearboxes with Improved Performance Characteristics

    Rj Link Int. receives requests for retrofit units from companies that are looking for service components when designs are no longer available. Examples of some concerns that have been addressed with these types of inquiries, are leak and/or vibration issues, as well as the need to increase speed and/or torque.  The footprint is very important, as the input and output will still need to have the same connection points.   Companies that are looking for a retrofit gearbox, need a solution that will fit in the same spot, have lighter weight, and have an extended life with better efficiency.  Finding a solution to an existing package is often a more appealing option than to make changes on the existing equipment.


    Some Retrofit considerations:

    • Cost justification
    • Gained efficiency
    • Operating characteristics
    • Modifications to extend life of equipment


    Retrofit Story:

    An inquiry came in from a company that was having noise and leakage issues with their gearbox.  Rj Link’s Engineering team was asked to find a solution that would address those issues and fit into the existing footprint and future generations of the equipment.  The retrofit unit that was offered solved the noise and leakage issues, and extended the life of the customer’s equipment.  The customer has been extremely happy with the results, and has been working with Rj Link’s Engineering team on solutions to aspects of their other systems.


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