• American Made Products

    American Made Products

    Rj Link International, Inc. has seen increased inquiries from companies looking to move towards American made products.  The activity is the result of companies having difficulty dealing with suppliers around the globe, and with the COVID-19 Pandemic, it has become even more difficult.


    In some recent conversations with companies, not only has there been delivery concerns with foreign made products, but there has also been quality concerns.    Some feel they have more control over their products if they are American made, and feel they have been sacrificing quality for pricing.   There also appears to be a growing movement from companies looking to purchase American made products to invest in their own country’s economy.


    For over 25 years, Rj Link  has been a solution provider in the Global Power Transmission Market for design, manufacture & assembly of custom gearboxes.  Companies looking for high quality American made components are turning to Rj Link for their gearbox and contract machining needs.  Rj Link’s engineering team has 75+  years of experience and is committed to utilizing creative and innovative solutions to complex problems in numerous power transmission markets throughout the world.


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