• Custom Gearboxes for Booster Pump Applications

    Gearboxes used in booster pumps

    Gearboxes for Booster Pump Application

    Rj Link’s D244 gearboxes have been heavily used in booster pump applications.  The advanced gearing technology in these types of gearboxes means that the design is able to handle fairly tough applications across multiple industries.


    Some Considerations:

    • Built for a rugged long life
    • Superior design features and components
    • Drop in replacement capability that is competitive to other leading manufacturers
    • Extreme reliability and durability


    Rj Link’s engineering team designs the gearboxes to meet the demanding environment and space constraints, while achieving the reliability, endurance and performance needs for each application.



    • Ratios available through 3.0:1 reduction ( Anti-Engine Rotation, and up to 2.5:1 in Engine Rotation
    • Nominal Input Capacity up to 750 HP
    • Input Shaft Configuration: For mechanical clutch, air clutch, flywheel coupling, etc
    • Heavy Duty Ductile Iron Cast Case
    • Hardened Helical Precision – Ground Gears
    • Timken Tapered Roller Bearings
    • Direct Mount to Diesel Engines via Integral Bell Housing
    • Lubrication Pump
    • Weight: Approximately 1200 pounds


    Learn More:  Engineering Capabilities

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