• Custom Gearbox with Mounting Frame

    Gearbox with mounting frame

    Custom Gearbox with Mounting Frame

    Rj Link received a request from a customer wanting to mount a gearbox horizontally.  The mounting frame was needed to hold the gearbox in place.  Some might feel that designing a simple mounting bracket is not a core competency when designing and manufacturing custom gearboxes.  Rj Link’s engineering team understands that the solution isn’t solely with the gearbox, but it is also with the service that is provided.  In this application, the Engineering team designed a custom gearbox with a mounting bracket to help assist in the project development with the customer. 




    • Power: Max 250 HP @ 4000 RPM
    • Torque: Max 5940 ft. lbs @ 221 RPM
    • Operating Range: 221 RPM – 4000 RPM


    Ratio: 1.87:1 (Speed Reducer)

    Rotation: Anti-Engine

    Lubrication Type: Splash

    Slump Capacity: 1 Qt Approx.

    Surface Finish: Case-Natural Aluminum

    Approx Weight: 71 lbs W/O Oil

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