• Caterpillar chooses Rj Link as model for International parts sourcing

    ROCKFORD, Illinois. – A contingent of sourcing professionals from Caterpillar visited Rj Link International, Inc. on a tour of selected local supplies that were chosen as a model for Caterpillar’s aftermarket parts sourcing. Rj Link is considered by Caterpillar one of their “cottage industry” suppliers for service parts for non-current OE equipment.
    Rj Link’s modern and diverse range of equipment and systems designed to provide tools to control the supply process from start to finish have allowed Caterpillar to achieve improved availability of service parts to their customers at a competitive price point. The Caterpillar International sourcing group toured the Rj Link facility to better understand the capabilities required to provide rapid response for small quantities of a diverse range of products and manufacturing processes.
    The International sourcing group is challenged with establishing similar local suppliers to provide service parts for non-current OE equipment in their markets.
    For Immediate Release
    About Rj Link International Inc.:
    Rj Link International, Inc., headquartered in Rockford, Illinois, is a precision manufacturer of gearboxes including speed increasers, speed reducers, transfer cases and custom designs for major industrial original equipment manufacturers world-wide.

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