• Rj Link Int. Presents Matt Rossiter with Dept. of Labor Apprenticeship Certificate

    Department of Labor Apprenticeship Certificate

    Left to right: Michael Moss, Matt Rossiter & Rod Link

    Rj Link International’s Chairman/CEO, Rodney J. Link, and President/COO, Michael Moss, presented employee Matt Rossiter with a certificate from the United States Department of Labor.  Matt received the certificate for completing the Gear Cutting Machinist Apprenticeship program.   Matt’s commitment to the apprenticeship program and hard work was greatly appreciated by the entire Rj Link team.


    Required Hours:

    • Gear Cutting – 3,000
    • Gear Finishing – 2,000
    • Secondary Gear Operations – 500
    • Deburring – 500
    • Inspection – 1,000
    • Tool Sharpening – 500
    • Customizable Time for Apprentice/Company – 500



    Total Hours – 8,000


    Department of Labor Apprenticeship Certificate



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