• Oilfield Equipment – 20,000+ Hours No Failure Rj Link Gearbox


    Orteq Energy Technologies located in Gainesville, TX has been a long time valued customer of Rj Link International’s. Orteq manufactures and services oilfield equipment used in oilfield applications such as well stimulation, hydraulic fracturing, cementing, and water transfer.


    The relationship between the two companies began with the purchase of Rj Link gearboxes for Orteq’s twin blender. The trailer uses a gearbox on the driver side, and on the passenger side. The gearboxes are used as a transmission, and are driven off the back of a 665 HP engine to drive the two proprietary mixers. “Orteq has had outstanding success with the Rj Link gearboxes” says Dillon Ott, General Manager of Orteq Energy Technologies. “In conjunction with Orteq’s state of the art equipment, Rj Link’s equipment is top notch with 20,000+ hours of no failure on the gearboxes,” states Dillon. “It has been an enjoyable, problem free experience working with Rj Link Int, and we are extremely happy with the relationship.”


    Most extracting operations for oil and natural gas takes place in extremely harsh environmental conditions which require equipment that will operate reliably when called upon, which can often mean a 24/7/365 production cycle. Orteq plays an important role in keeping an oilfield operation working efficiently to optimize lead and delivery times. Their equipment must be ready to meet the needs of the drilling operation when called upon. A breakdown of their equipment could have a detrimental effect on an entire drilling operation. Orteq recognizes the importance of having heavy-duty, reliable gearboxes in their equipment that have proven to operate reliably in even the most trying operating conditions. The 20,000+ hours of no failure in the Rj Link gearboxes will continue to play an important role in the success of Orteq’s top of the line fracking equipment.

    Rj Link Gearbox in Oilfield Equipment


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