• Congratulations to John Oller for Community Partner of the Year Nomination!

    Quality Engineering Manager

    John Oller – Quality/Engineering Manager

    The Rockford Public School District 205 has nominated Rj Link’s Engineering/Quality Manager, John Oller, for the Community Partner of the Year award.  This nomination recognizes John for his time and talent which he has devoted to the school district this past year.   John has been very heavily involved with District 205’s Roosevelt High School Academy Support Team, and just recently supported Mock Interviews at Roosevelt.


    Another area that John shows his support for District 205 is through his participation in programs offered through CEANCI.  This organization helps to support the community by preparing and investing in all students for career and college.  This is done through partnerships that help to build innovative regional opportunities. Beth Meade, the Community Outreach Coordinator for CEANCI, works with educators and business partners to help build a stronger workforce by creating work based learning experiences for students.  Unite!, which is an internet based career exploration and planning tool for area students, is one of CEANCI’s programs that John has helped participated in.  Unite! allows students and job seekers of all ages to connect with local businesses and industry professionals.  Beth Meade stated, “We really appreciate John’s support.  He has always been very timely in answering student “Career Coach” questions on the Unite! platform, and has helped to support the regional industrial trades instructors by attending the advisories.  At the advisory meetings John offers suggestions that apply to teaching, as well as the business component within the program.  This way students come armed with the skill, in addition to an understanding of the business side of how a company is run.  These are the things we are looking for from industry, and who knows better than our industry experts as to what is needed in the future workforce.”


    The winner of the Community Partner of the Year Award will be announced on May 17th at RPS 205’s Academy Awards Presentation.  The ceremony will honor faculty, staff, and community partners who support the College and Career Academies of Rockford.  Student’s academic work will also be on display at the event.


    CEANCI:  Learn more 


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