• Custom is our Niche

    Engineering solutions

    When you find yourself in a tight spot and are not quite sure where to go for a gearbox supplier, the first step is to understand what your needs are and what you want to achieve.  If suppliers offering commercial off-the-shelf gearboxes will not make special modifications to accommodate your system requirements, then you know a custom solution is needed.


    Rj Link’s niche consists of designing and manufacturing gearbox solutions to meet the customer’s needs.  During the new product development phase, engineers will require a prototype to test the concept’s design and to work out any issues before going into production.  A custom gearbox solution is needed to fit into a certain envelope space while meeting the requirements within the system.  Rj Link’s reverse engineering capabilities also benefit companies looking for a drop in replacement to an existing gearbox , or an upgrade to one that has been over or under designed.


    Lead time and pricing for a commercial off-the-shelf gearbox will always be less than a custom solution, as the manufacturing costs are of course spread out over more units.  Rj Link’s niche is to not compete in that arena, but to be a solution provider to companies that just need that custom gearbox solution.


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