• Custom Gearbox for Rural Bus Application



    A company out of Florida teamed up with a selection of engineers, mechanics, a former Daimler-Chrysler designer, and a number of suppliers to develop a vehicle specifically used for a rural application.  Rj Link International was one of the suppliers chosen to participate in the project.   Below are some of the challenges that existed with the application:

    • Space Constraints
    • Weight Constraints
    • Powertrain system integration
    • Stringent noise requirements


    Rj Link’s Engineering team offered a right angle gearbox, and a drop box to solve the existing challenges.  Custom applications like this continue to be the basis for Rj Link’s reputation as a custom gearbox solution provider in the Power Transmission Market.


    Gearbox Specifications:

    • Input Capacity:  180 HP
    • Input Speed:  3600 RPM Max
    • Rotation: Engine
    • Lubrication Type:  Circulating Cooled Oil
    • Lube Capacity:  5 Pints Approx.
    • Approx Weight:  250 lbs w/o Oil




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