• Product Line Upgrades to Rj Link High Output Drive

    High output drive gearbox

    High Output Drive Gearbox

    Rj Link Int. has upgraded a heavy-duty output gearbox that was proposed to several customers that are in the recycling industry.   The purpose for these types of machines is to recycle, and turn disposable debris into useful compost,  i.e. bark, dirt, rocks, stumps, trash, etc.   There had been a demand for a small package gearbox with high hp, tq, and heavy impact / shock-resistance loading.


    Rj Link Int. offered three variations that will meet the demand depending on application and constraints, i.e. Inline, Parallel, and Right Angle.


    The design includes:

    • Ratio size 1:1 – 12:1 reduction with two combined gearboxes
    • High speed range up to 4000 rpm
    • Up to 800 hp
    • Up to 35,000 lb- ft torque
    • 20,000 hours of service life
    • Lubrication system can be mounted internal or external depending on the need
    • Multiple mounting options available for horizontal, vertical, as well as elevated installation
    • Designed with a variety of input/output shaft end connections


    This is one of many developments that the innovative Application/Engineering team at Rj Link Int. has worked on.   The engineering team, with over 75 years of analysis and design experience, has customers turning to them for custom gearbox solutions.



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