• Robust Gearbox for Test Stand Application

     Test Stand Gearbox

    Rj Link’s D333 gearbox was designed for a test stand application that tests crank shafts used in heavy-duty off-road specialty equipment.    The robust gearbox was designed to be mounted in a vertical position to account for space constraints with other existing equipment.



    • Output: 450 HP @ 4500 RPM
    • Input Speed:  4,500 RPM Max
    • Ratio:  1:1
    • Rotation:  Anti-Engine – either shaft from each side could be driving or driven
    • Lubrication type:  Circulating cooled oil
    • Surface finish: Per customer request
    • Lube capacity: Approximately 5 quarts
    • Approximate weight: 591 lbs w/o oil


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