• Rj Link Gearbox Solution for Desalination Project

    Specialty gearbox

    Specialty Gearbox

    Desalination is the process of turning salty ocean water into drinking water. The ocean makes up more than 70% of the earth’s surface, and accounts for 96% of the water on the planet. The water is oversaturated with salt, so it cannot be consumed. There are many coastal municipalities throughout the world that are in need of desalination. Rj Link has seen activity in this area, with infrastructure development increasing the need for reusable water.


    Rj Link’s engineering team designed the high speed D304 gearbox to drive a series of pumps. The  gearbox was designed for high durability to survive in a corrosive environment with materials that won’t oxidize, and is ideal for pumping and blower applications. The gearbox has high speed requirements with an input speed of 6,000 rpm, and an output speed of 8,000 rpm.


    Typical locations for the applications the D304 gearbox could be used:

    • Coastal cities
    • Marine Applications
    • Any areas in need of equipment for irrigation.
    Desalination plant

    Desalination Plant

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