• Designed to Fit Gearbox

    Designed to Fit Gearbox

    Designed to Fit Gearbox


    Customer:  “I need dual input, 700 HP that can handle 3500 RPM Input, 2.2:1 reduction ratio. Can you make me a Transfer Case like that?”

    Rj Link:  “Yes, that is what we do!”


    An inquiry came into Rj Link from a company needing to find a gearbox solution that would meet their specifications, desired space constraints, as well as their noise level concerns.  Rj Link’s engineering team offered a two-input reducer solution for the customer.  The manufacturing processes have been completed, and the gearbox is being packed up and will ship out to the customer today.  The prototype gearbox will be used in an off-highway application.  


    Gearbox Data:

    Input Power:  710 HP Max

    Input Speed:  3500 RPM Max

    Ratio:  2.2:1 Reducer

    Rotation:  Anti-Engine with reference to input 2

    Approx. Sump Capacity:  1.5 Gal

    Approx. Weight: 813 lbs. without oil


    From phone call, through design development and manufacturing, Rj Link International, Inc Designs to fit and Builds to Order. From concept through production, from 1 piece to many, let our team work with you to design the best fit solution you need for your transfer case needs.


    Rj Link International, Inc is considered an essential manufacturer that supports the Agricultural, Construction, Transportation and Aerospace markets. Our commitment to our employee and customer’s safety during these trying times is our first priority. As we continue our manufacturing operations we want to thank all the First Responders, Health Care Providers, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, and all essential workers that keep us safe. We are in this together. Thank you from all of us at Rj Link International, Inc.


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