• Precision Gearing

    In addition to designing and manufacturing custom gearboxes, Rj Link is also a custom/precision gearing manufacturer with a comprehensive mix of gearing capabilities.  See below:


    • Gear Sizing Software and Analysis
    • Design, engineer, & re-manufacture gearing
    • Gear Shaving: 1” thru 12” dia, 4 thru 16 DP, Crown Shaving 
    • Gear Grinding: Up to 15.74” diameter, AGMA class 5 per the new AGMA 2015 inspection standard. Previously considered AGMA class 12 per the old AGMA 2000-A88 standard. 
    • Hobbing: 33.5” dia, 2.5 DP, stock SAE & metric hobs 
    • Shaping: 36” dia, 6” max gear face, 3.5 DP


    Give us a call today and let us quote your low to medium gearing needs. 


    Contact Information:  815-874-8110 or [email protected] 

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