• Gravity Lubricating Process Inside an Rj Link Gearbox

    Gearbox gravity lubricating process

    Gearbox Gravity Lubricating Process

    Rj Link gearboxes have a “Gravity Lubricating Process”, which means customers get a gearbox that runs smoothly and has an extended life.  Once the gear-housing is filled with the recommended oil, and the unit is operating:

    • The lowest gear dips into the bath of oil lubricating the teeth
    • Then with splashing action, and meshing of the gear-teeth, oil is delivered into the troughs and upper components
    • Once in the troughs, the oil flows by gravity through the passages, thus, lubricating the bearings, seals, etc.
    • The oil passes through, and returns to the sump of the unit
    • Cycle is complete


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