• Rj Link Adds Remanufactured Fellows Gear Shaper

    Bourn & Koch Fellows Gear Shaper

    Bourn & Koch Remanufactured Fellows 36-6 CNC Gear Shaper

    Rj Link Int. adds a Bourn & Koch remanufactured Fellows 36-6 CNC Gear Shaper, with a Fanuc CNC control cutter head relieving 30-200 strokes per minute.  The remanufactured 36-6 features a Fanuc CNC control with numerous new features and technologies, including legendary mechanical gear shaper technology combined with today’s machine tool systems advancements.


    Bourn & Koch modernizes the 36-6 through their remanufacturing process for today’s gear production requirement.  The machine incorporates the latest CNC technology, spindle head relieving and numerous other features.


    Other Features:

      • Normal Pitch Diameter, External – 40″
      • Normal Pitch Diameter, Internal – 36″
      • Maximum Diameter Swing – 41″
      • Maximum Face Width – 6″
      • Maximum Diametral Pitch, Spur – 3 DP
      • Maximum Diametral Pitch, Helical – 5 DP






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