• Rj Link’s Redesigned Gearbox/Clutch Dredge Package

    Redesigned Gearbox/Clutch Dredge Package

    A customer came to Rj Link with a gearbox, brake clutch package used in a dredging application that needed repair or replacement. The Rj Link team went through and did a cost analysis to determine the extent of repair necessary. The team also compared the cost of the repair versus replacement costs to give the customer another option.


    • It was decided that the unit was best suited for replacement
    • Customer will be using the salvageable parts for future application
    • Customer moved forward with a new clutch packaged matched up with a Rj Link gearbox.


    Rj Link solved dual problems, the specific application, which will exceed the customer’s expectations, as well as offering a solution for future application. In addition, solutions were offered for future repair and field service work.

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